Stamp Album Studio integrates with an online stamp catalog: Colnect. The Colnect website is an initiative supported by thousands of collectors world wide who keep track of their collections in an online database. This database does not only contain stamps from all over the world but also coins, gift cards, lottery tickets and so. You name it and it is there. Take a look at and start managing your personal collection today!

The Colnect stamp database currently (2019) contains more than 800.000 stamps!

With Stamp Album Studio you can search in this database to find your favorite stamps. Searching can be done on different criteria. Once you have found your stamps you can drag them directly from the catalog onto your page. Sizes and labels are added automatically!


The following example shows how to search for stamps in the online Catalog. The image below depicts the starting point:

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Select the stamps and drag them onto your page. Note that the issue date is added automatically:

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 For more information about the Align Wizard take a look at the Online Help on this site.


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