Adding a picture to a stamp

After you have drawn a stamp you can add a picture to it to clearify which stamp it is or to beautify the page.

Adding a picture can be done as follows. First select the stamp the picture must be added to. Then click with the right mouse button on the stamp and go to Picture in the right mouse menu or choose in the main menu Options the option Picture. You have now two possibilities to choose the picture:

Dragging a picture onto a stamp

Besides the method abovementioned there is another way to add a picture to a stamp. With the mouse you can drag a picture onto the stamp. The stamp will show an outline when the picture is dragged across it.

The picture can originate from several sources:

Replacing a picture

If a stamp already has a picture you can also replace it with another picture using the methods abovementioned. Before replacement Stamp Album Studio will ask for confirmation.

Pictures and labels

If you add a picture to a stamp and the stamp also contains an inner label the label will be shown on top of the picture. This is often an undesirable result and therefore you are advised to remove the label.

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