Composing a group

A group of stamps can be created in several ways. The most common way is this:

A stamp can only belong to one group at a time. This means that if you create a group out of a number of stamps and one of these stamps already belongs to another group then the stamp will be removed from the existing group.

Creating a group with the function "Duplicate"

Another method to create groups is using the function “Duplicate”. If you duplicate a stamp Stamp Album Studio will automatically create a group consisting of the original stamp and the new stamps. If the original stamp already belongs to a group then the new stamp will be added to this group.

Creating a group with the Layout Wizard

The last method for creating a group is using the Layout Wizard. In the Layout Wizard you can enter the number of groups you want to create and how many stamps, along with their sizes and shapes, each group must contain. The Layout Wizard will then create these groups and position them on the pages.

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