Interaction with the Align Wizard

While the Align Wizard is repositioning stamps the situation may occur that not all stamps of a group fit on the page. This can be caused by the fact that the stamps were positioned too close to one another in the first place and after applying the standard distances the space between the stamps has grown.

There are now two scenarios possible depending on the chosen method of positioning.

If the option "Optimize only" was selected the Align Wizard will display a message that no better layout could be found, since the Align Wizard will try to preserve the positions of the stamps as much as possible.

If one of the other options was selected the Align Wizard will show a dialog with several suggestions about what to do with the group in question:

Keep the group together and continue on the next page

Using this option the entire group will be positioned on the next page. If it is not possible to fit the entire group on a single page then this option will not be available.

Split the group. The first part will be positioned on this page. The second part will be positioned on the next page.

Using this option the group will be divided over two pages.

Quit the arrange/layout proces and undo all changes.

This option quits the Align Wizard and cancels all changes. The Align Wizard will reset all stamps to their original position.

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