On the pages of an album you can position objects like stamps, borders and texts. The number of pages an album can have is only limited by your computer configuration. The more memory your computer has and the faster your processor is, the more pages Stamp Album Studio can handle in one album. If you notice that Stamp Album Studio is slowing down when editing your album please consider to split up your album into two albums.

In contrast to an album a template can only have one page at all times.

Topics in this section

Selecting a page

How can you select a page to edit it?

Page Setup

How can you set the size and margins of a page?

Page numbering

How can you number your pages?

Renumbering pages

How will your pages get renumbered when, for example, the order of the pages changes?

Adding pages

How can you add a page?

Deleting pages

How can you delete a page?

Moving pages

How can you move a page to another position?

Copying, cutting and pasting a page

How can you copy, cut and paste a page?

Navigating through your pages

How can you navigate through your pages?

Searching for a page

How can you search for a page?

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