Layout  Wizard - positioning stamps automatically

The Layout Wizard is especially useful if you want to draw several stamps or several groups of stamps at the same time. The Layout Wizard can support you enormously in this process. The designing of a page will be reduced to entering the sizes of the stamps and the number of stamps. The Layout Wizard will then position the stamps automatically on the page. Then the only things you have to do is add texts (labels), border and lines.

The Layout Wizard can do the following tasks for you:


With the Layout Wizard only stamps can be aligned.

Topics in this section

Starting the Layout Wizard

How can you start the Layout Wizard?

Adjusting the generated layout

What can you do if the suggested layout is not completely to your wishes?

Settings of the Layout Wizard

How does Layout Wizard determine the distances between the objects?

Options of the Layout Wizard

How can you affect the working of the Layout Wizard?

Interaction with the Layout Wizard

When positioning stamps the Layout Wizard can signal a problem. You will be asked if and how the positioning must be continued.

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