Groups of stamps

Groups of stamps indicate that the stamps have a certain relation to each other. In most cases this will mean that the stamps form a series. For example, the first three stamps of the Netherlands form a series or in terms of Stamp Album Studio: a group. Another relation can be formed when stamps have a common characteristic like a certain watermark.

With Stamp Album Studio you can create as many groups as you like. A stamp, however, can only be part of one group at a time, so stamps cannot belong to more than one group.

When a stamp is selected that belongs to a group a red dot will be shown in the upper right corner of all stamps belonging to that group.

Topics in this section

Selecting a group

How can you quickly select a group to perform an operation on it?

Composing a group

How can you create a group?

Decomposing a group

How can you turn a group back into individual stamps?

Adding to a group

How can you add a stamp to an existing group?

Removing from a group

How can you remove a stamp from a group?

Aligning groups

How can you align groups?

Groups and the Layout Wizard and Align Wizard

Groups play an important role in Wizards.

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