Albums and templates

With Stamp Album Studio you design albums and templates. The term album is simple: an album is comparable with the paper version of a stamp album. It consists of several pages and on every page objects can be placed like stamps, texts and borders.

The pages of an album often have a fixed layout like a border around the page, a title and a page number. Furthermore, texts often have a fixed font.

If your album contains several pages the repetitive drawing of these objects on every page becomes an annoying job. Therefore with Stamp Album Studio you can save the layout of page in a so-called template. This template can then be used in your albums. So you define the layout of a page on one place and you can use this layout in an unlimited number of albums.

Stamp Album Studio comes with several pre-defined templates which you can use directly. This enables you to design a good looking album without creating a template yourself first. With Stamp Album Studio you make a jump start!

A few remarks about templates:

Topics in this section?

Creating new albums and templates

How can you create a new album or template?

Opening albums and templates

How can you open an existing album or template?

Using templates in albums

How can you use a template in your album?

Modifying templates of albums

How can you modify the template that is being used in an album?

Saving albums and templates

How can you save an album or template?

Printing albums and templates

How can you print an album or template?

Closing albums and templates

How can you end the editing of an album or template?

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