This online Help-information contains extensive information about working with Stamp Album Studio. It contains step-by-step instructions for using all functions of Stamp Album Studio.

However, if you want a bird's-eye view of all possibilities of Stamp Album Studio please read Chapter 3 "Your first page" of the document Stamp Album Studio Introduction. In this document you will find a short description of working with albums, templates and the Layout and Align Wizard.

With the aid of this Help-information and the Stamp Album Studio Introduction you will learn to work with Stamp Album Studio efficiently in a short time.

What is Stamp Album Studio?

Stamp Album Studio is an extensive software package that helps you in designing the most beautiful pages of your stamp album in just a few minutes. Stamp Album Studio has a number of very strong key features:

Intuitive user interface

The screens of Stamp Album Studio are designed in such a way that you learn to use the software very quickly. You will discover that the user interface corresponds to the user interface of current software packages.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

You design the pages of your stamp album on the main screen of Stamp Album Studio. You achieve this by drawing objects like stamps and texts on the page. The main screen gives a realistic view of what the page will look like when it is printed on paper.

Layout Wizard and Align Wizard

Stamp Album Studio offers Wizards that position and align stamps on your pages automatically. You will notice that you are relieved of a lot of annoying and time consuming work. This enables you to concentrate more on determining which stamps you want to draw and less on positioning and aligning them.


The pages in your album often have a fixed design, like a border around the page, a title and a page number. Furthermore texts and labels  often have a fixed font.

If you need to design more than one page, the repetitive drawing of these objects on every page becomes an annoying job. Stamp Album Studio offers you the possibility to save the design of your pages in a template. Then you can use this template in your albums. So you define your design in one place and use it over and over again in your albums.

Stamp Album Studio comes with a number of pre-defined templates that can be used directly in your albums. So with Stamp Album Studio you make a jump start!

Scanning and analysing stamps

With Stamp Album Studio you can read images of stamps directly from your scanner. It is possible to put more stamps on your scanner at the same time. Stamp Album Studio will scan all stamps together and will automatically cut out and straighten the images. After this you can edit the images or you can drag them onto your album page where a frame will be drawn around them automatically.

In short: You no longer need other software packages to read and edit images of stamps. Stamp Album Studio integrates these functions with its other design functions for album pages. You will save a lot of time by using Stamp Album Studio!

Topics in this section

System requirements

Which requirements must your computer meet with to work with Stamp Album Studio?

Automatic updates

How and when do you receive updates of Stamp Album Studio?

Product support

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