Adjusting the generated layout

The Layout Wizard will position the stamps as optimally as possible. However, it can happen that the layout is not completely to your wishes. Stamp Album Studio offers you several tools to adjust the layout easily:

The most powerful of above tools is the Align Wizard which function is closely related to the Layout Wizard. In the following example a scenario will be described from which the relation between the tools becomes clear.

Suppose we want to position a group of 6 stamp. The 6 stamps have two formats: 2 standing stamps of 20 x 30 mm and 4 lying stamps of 30 x 20 mm. If we enter this data in the Layout Wizard and press the OK button we get the following result:

The suggested layout, however, is not as we wished. Instead of 4 lying stamps on one level we would like only 2 lying stamps on one level and the other two stamps on both sides of the standing stamps. Therefore we move two of the lying stamps to a higher level. It is not necessary to align the stamps perfectly because the Align Wizard will do this job for us. The layout will now be like this:

We will now use the Align Wizard to improve the alignment. We select the stamps and start the Align Wizard. After pressing the OK button the layout looks like this:

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