Starting with scanning and analysing

You can read more stamps at the same time from your scanner. Therefore you put the stamps with the image down on the glass plate. Do not arrange the stamps too close to each other. A minimum distance of 1 cm is recommended. It is also advised to avoid placing stamps within 1 cm off the upper and bottom borders of your scanner. These borders are used by the software to determine the background color of your scanner.

The number of stamps that can be put on the scanner depend on the sizes of the stamps, the resolution of the scan, the processor speed and the amount of memory space of your computer.

It is not necessary to put the stamps completely straight. After cutting out the stamps the function "Scan and analyse" will also automatically straighten the stamps. However, it is recommended to rotate the stamps as less as possible. The software will determine the smallest angle for rotating the stamp to a standing or lying position.

The recognition of stamps in the entire scan is based on the contrast between the stamp and the background color. It is difficult to recognize stamps with a border color that is not in strong contrast with the background color. In some cases it is therefore advised to put a piece of paper with a very contrasting color on top of the stamps making the contrast between the stamp and background clearly visible.

You can start the function with the button Scan and Analyse or via the menu Extra and then the option Scan and Analyse. The screen "Picture Analysis" will be opened.

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