Text fields and templates

Uninitialized text fields are often being used in templates as place holders, meaning that the field does not receive a value until the template is used in an album. A good example is the title of a page.

A template can be used in several albums. One of the objects that is frequently used in a template is the title of an album, but the value of the title of the album is not known until the template is attached to an album. It must be possible, however, to configure some properties of the title in the template like its position and font, so in some way the title has to be present in the template.

To solve the problem, the text field "Title" is positioned on the page but its text is not yet initialized. It is possible however to initialize the font.The text of the title will temporarily be <TITLE>.

If we now create a new album and attach the template to it the uninitialized title will be shown. But as soon as we assign a value to it by means of the album properties the text field  will be initialized.


The text field has received a value in the current album. The text field of the template, however, remains uninitialized. When the same template is attached to yet another album the text field can also be initialized there but it will probably receive another value.

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