Object alignment

The first step in designing a page is drawing objects with the right size and appearance like line style, color and font.

The next step is the positioning and aligning of the objects: objects must be neatly arranged. Because of the fact that designing an album page is a creative process, in most cases we will not get to our definite design right away. Before we reach this point we will often move the objects from here to there and back.

During this designing process we would like our objects to be arranged neatly to have a good indication if the design meets with our goals. However, the aligning of objects is a precise and time consuming job that quickly becomes annoying without the right tools.

Fortunately Stamp Album Studio offers a large number of tools for positioning and aligning objects. It is one of the strongest features of Stamp Album Studio.

A difference has been made between the manual tools that can be quite labour intensive but are highly flexible and the Align Wizard that can automatically align objects on a page. A  method that is commonly used is let the Align Wizard do the most of work initially and then use the manual tools to do some fine tuning.

In the next section the manual alignment functions will be described. In the next section the Align Wizard will be discussed.

Topics in this section

Aligning to grid

How can you align objects to a grid of lines?

Aligning manually

How can you align objects to one another?

Aligning to snap lines

How can you align objects to a particular position?

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