Using a template

In the previous example we made an album with two pages. Both pages had the same layout. The border, the title, the page number and the name of the author appeared on both pages. If we want to add more pages to the album all of these objects have to be positioned on every new page. It is clear that this is an annoying task that we would gladly hand over to Stamp Album Studio.

With Stamp Album Studio you can save the design of a page to a template. Then you can use this template in your albums. So you define the design of a page in one location and you can use this design in your albums for an infinite number of times.

A template consists of objects that must be repeated on every page like borders, titles and page numbers, including the formatting and properties of the objects like font or line width. A template also contains all properties and settings for the album and pages like paper size and margins.

To use a template it has to be attached to an album. In this section an example will illustrate how you can easily design an album that contains several similar pages by using a template.

Stamp Album Studio comes with a number of pre-defined templates. By using these templates you can make a jump start with Stamp Album Studio!


The next chapter and the online Help contain extensive information about using and defining templates.

Topics in this section

Starting a new album with a template

How can you use a template in a new album?

Setting a title

How can you set the title of an album when using a template?

Drawing stamps

When you add stamps and labels the settings of the template will be used.

Adding a template to an existing album

How can you add a template to or change a template of an existing album?

Saving an album with a template

How will an album using a template be saved?

Printing an album with a template

How will an album using a template be printed?

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