When you have placed the stamps on your scanner the scanning process can be started. Therefore you select the right scan software module from the From device list and press the Acquire button. In most cases the software of your scanner will now be started. Stamp Album Studio can not influence its behaviour.

In most scanner software it is possible to set certain parameters for the scanning process like resolution and contrast. For the resolution of your scan a value from 150 to 300 DPI is advised. Please notice that the lower the resolution the poorer the quality of your image will be and the higher the resolution the larger your album file will become. The right settings are different for each scanner and also depend on your own preferences.

When you have set the parameters you can start the scanning process from your scanner software. Stamp Album Studio will now read the image and show it in the screen "Scan and Analyze".

Immediately after reading the image the analysis process will be started.

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