Scan and analyse

In the earlier chapters of this introduction you have seen that Stamp Album Studio supports the use of images. These images can be read from your hard drive or from the clipboard.

However, Stamp Album Studio also offers a very powerful extra tool: Scan and analyze.

With the function "Scan and analyze" you can read images of stamps from your scanner. You can put one or more stamps on your scanner. Stamp Album Studio will then scan, cut out and straighten the images fully automatically! You no longer need external software to read and edit images for using them in Stamp Album Studio.

You can immediately use the images that are scanned in your albums. Because of the fact that Stamp Album Studio reads the images from your scanner it also knows the sizes of your images. Stamp Album Studio will also be able to put a frame around the stamp.

You will discover that the function "Scan and analyze" will make designing album pages even simpler, more efficient and more fun!

Topics in this section

Starting with scan and analyze

How can you use the function "Scan and analyze" and what can you do with it?

Putting stamps on your scanner

What is the best way to put stamps on your scanner?


How does the scanning process work?


How does the analyzing process work?

Editing scanned stamps

How can you edit the images yourself?

Using images in your album

How can you use the image that are scanned and analyzed in your album?

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